Securing Brand Safety Across
Branded Social Media Properties
What’s the risk for brands?
Brands face an increasing challenge to identify and prevent inappropriate content (video, image, text,) on their social media properties in order to protect their brand, business and fans’ safety.

Each property is powered by different social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter to a brand-owned platform, each with their own built-in moderation tool and specific team to screen User-Generated Content (UGC) submitted by their fans, which lack consistency and consolidation at corporate level. The results for the brands are fragmented, lengthy, not scalable and pricey solutions.

Digital Recognition is aiming to change that by solving all those shortcomings with a consolidated social media brand-safety tool to manage and moderate in one place all branded social media properties and multicultural communities of a brand or corporation. It delivers a consistent, quicker, scalable and cost-efficient brand safety to the largest number of brands embracing social media marketing. More >>

About Digital Recognition
Digital Recognition aspires to become the on-demand brand-safety solution provider of choice for demanding brands and corporations engaged in social media marketing worldwide.
Digital Recognition ensures the safety of clients, their business partners, and users against all types of inappropriate content, across branded social media properties and platforms.
Digital Recognition already offers sustainable brand-safety solutions, over branded social media channels, to more than 2.1 million end users, leveraging the power of mass processing on the cloud. More >>
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